"95-year-young Author Victoria Dabrowski Schmidt was in her early eighties when her friends, even those in their twenties and thirties began to ask her, "Victoria how do you do it? What is your Secret?" When she turned ninety- three, she decided to give them her answers and collect them in a book. From exercise (a much anticipated return to fencing) to nutrition (the joys of chocolate and red wine) and a healthy spirit (buoyed by her young friends and a determination to navigate the new world of social media) she has a wealth of expertise on the art of longevity--all as a direct result of her own experience. Victoria's 95 Secrets is a unique and timely window into the tremendous possibilities available to everyone, regardless of one's age"

"It is always a please to see individuals thriving into their 80's, 90's and beyond. Author Victoria D. Schmidt is an inspiring example of a long-lived individual who has stayed healthy and fulfilled throughout her life. In her book, she offers her "secrets" on how she continues to live a rewarding long life"

- Dr. Howard S. Friedman

Distinguished Professor, University of California, Riverside


"Victoria's 95 Secrets will metamorphose your life in positive ways you could never imagine."

- Valerie Anderson


"The author shares her wisdom in an insightful and motivational way. you will benefit immediately.

-John G. Murray


"Victoria has a gift for writing that captivates the reader which made me want to keep reading more."

-Tamra Campanella


"The powerful purpose of meditation is just one of the secrets Victoria shares that helped to change my life and the course of my wellbeing."

-Kevin E. Taylor



Book Preview, 10 of my Best Secrets